Krystal's Kreations Hair salon

family hair care salon

* Our Services*

Haircut                                                        $20.00

Haircut with blow dry/ style               $40.00

Children's Haircut ( under 6)            $12.00

Children's Haircut (6-12)                     $15.00

   *All haircuts  include a complementary shampoo*

Prices may vary depending on services and length of hair        

Hair color roots only                               $50.00

Root Hair color w/ Haircut                    $80.00

Hair color, Haircut, and Style            $90.00

Mini foil(10 or less)                                 $45.00

Partial foil                                                  $75.00

                                     Full Foil                                                        $100.00

                                     Perm (includes haircut and style)     $75.00 

                                     Color glossing                                            $40.00

                                     Color glossing/toner                               $15.00 extra


                                        *All chemical service prices show starting price

                                          prices may change depending on product*


Conditioning Treatment                     $20.oo

Scalp Treatment                                     $20.00

Tea Tree Experience                             $10.00

Updo's                                                        $60.00 and up

Wash and Blow dry/ style                   $25.00

Eyebrow waxing                                     $10.oo

                                     Lip waxing                                                $7.00

                                     Chin waxing                                             $10.00

                                     Basic Manicure                                       $15.00

                                     Shellac Manicure                                   $25.00

                                     Polish Change                                          $7.00-$15.00

                                     Shellac polish removed                        $5.00

                                     French Manicure                                     add $5.00

                                     Paraffin Treatment                                $10.00

                                     Basic Makeup                                            $50.00

                                     12 and younger                                          $20.00

                                      13-17 years old                                         $30.00

                                                   *makeup is by appointment only!

                            Hair extensions

*offering euro- so.cap 


                             *tape In extensions and I tip extensions


*free consultation price of application will be given during your consultation,

call to book your free consultation today!

*Smoothing Treatments*

Starting at $150.00